All natural with no preservatives or chemicals. It is recommended to use cloves when starting Purslane products.

Natural Plantation uses veggie capsules for their capsules of Purslane Powder.

Suggested Usage: Use 600 mg a day after the largest meal, for 3 - 12 weeks, depending on the weakness of the kidneys.

Backaches, sore hips, sore shoulders, or leg pains?
If you experience these symptoms while on purslane products, then your kidneys are being over-worked.

Stop purslane intake for 7 days (people with a history of kidney disease should take 1 clove capsule a day for 10 days before starting purslane products) and take 1 clove capsule a day after their meal.

Rresume the purslane and continue taking cloves for 3 weeks, or however long is necessary (no longer than 12 weeks). Should you experience any of the kidney symptoms again, take 1 clove capsule a day for 3 weeks.
Note: Not recommended for children under 10 years of age.


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