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Our Story

Our story began in the fall of 1999 when a brilliant and very sweet lady by the name of Elsie Belcheff decided that she was finally going to realize her dream, a dream to make a difference in people lives and their overall well being.

Since a very early age she knew she wanted to help people in need and found a passion in life helping people that conventional medicine had given up on. Elsie initiated research to develop a process to compound and retain the extraordinary nutritional value of the purslane plant. She succeeded with the creation of Purslane Powder™ and to date is the only one in the world to have found a process which preserves over 95% of the raw nutrients and minerals of the plant. This patented product is one of the few supplements on the market which has all the necessary nutrients for healthy living in one capsule

Elsie Belcheff was a wonderful women with a beautiful soul. Sadly she passed away on Dec 14, 2018 but not before she was able to realize her dream. She has helped thousands of people all over the world with the incredible gift of being a medical intuitive and the healing power of her wonderful products.     

Natural Plantation is her legacy, and this is her story.

Elsie began the creation of a line of products containing concentrated purslane and called her company Natural Plantation Inc. None of Natural Plantation products contain synthetic chemicals or preservatives, they are all made with natural ingredients and formulated with concentrated Purslane.

Elsie was a certified Lymphologist and a recognized Herbalist with over 25 years of experience in the natural products industry. She received the Herb and Spice Associations Certificate of Excellence for “Outstanding Performance and Lasting Contribution” and she was also a YWCA Nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year.  As a medical practitioner and expert on Purslane, she wrote dozens of articles in various magazines and had given many presentations across Canada and the United States. She was featured in a best selling book by Mentor’s Magazine called “Walking with the Wise for Health & Vitality”. The book includes articles from a wide variety of professionals, celebrity Doctors and Naturopaths. In 2012 Elsie wrote her own book called, “The Wonders of Purslane”. This fantastic book continues to be the most detailed and informative source for protocols on countless ailments and the many benefits of Purslane.