The tooth paste is great for sensitive teeth, best I have used

Dianne F

These purslane products are brilliant...I have been using them since 2005. From the high quality of supplements to the aiding of a detoxing cleanse of free radicals ...I actually felt the amazing difference with this line of products. Natural Plantation reflects the incredible integrity of its founder and inventor Elsie Belcheff and her whole family of support. I will continue to buy them and I’m afraid to think about if I couldn’t

Jacquelyn M

I use and like the veggie wash, underarm deodorant,toothpaste , purslane cream use for rash or itchy skin

Manda M

I’ve been using these products for 18 years and can’t imagine my life without them

Sherry R

I absolutely love the Natural Plantation Products... One of my favorite products is the Veggie Wash... I've been using it for about 10 years and can't live without it... Not only do I soak my veggies and fruit in it... I soak all of my meat in it as well... It neutralizes e coli and salmonella... Also I have a severe allergy to shrimp... I was at a restaurant having lunch. I ordered some Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds... About halfway through my meal I popped into my mouth what I thought was a cheese curd.. Turned out it was a small piece of shrimp.. I started choking as my throat was closing up... Lucky for me someone there had Elsies Purslane Drops in their purse.. They rushed over and put several drops in my mouth and immediately my throat started to loosen.. That was my lucky day... I always carry those drops with me now... I highly recommend the Purslane Products.

Elaine B

I absolutely love the purslane powder, it has changed my health. I also love the fruit & veggie wash! It is better than anything else out there and my produce lasts so much longer after using it. I highly recommend these products.

Tamara L

I use ALL these products and they are tremendous

Norma E

I started to apply Purslane Cream to my face. On the second application I noticed my skin was so soft and smooth with no residue or oily film. I would recommend it to anyone. Wonderful cream.

Jen V

I usually get rashes after I shave with a razor, I applied the Purslane Cream. Just one application and the rash disappeared and my face felt smooth. I like the fact that the cream is fragrance free.

Jack B

I always had cracked skin on my fingers and nothing I tried helped much. I started applying Purslane Cream and in a matter of a few days the cracks healed up and my skin turned nice and soft.

Shirley T

I had a sore and puffy knee. I was given a sample of the Purslane Cream at a trade show. I applied it to my knee before bed that evening. When I woke up in the morning my pain was gone and the swelling was down. I also had a wonderful sleep since it helped so much with the pain. A great product, it sure worked for me.

Marge S

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic your product really is. I’m currently on my third bottle of Purslane Capsules and I have experienced a drop in blood pressure of ten points. And this is without doctor prescribed medicine. I have also noticed an increase in my energy levels and my ability to work harder and longer without that extreme fatigue that I had been having before. Thank you so much for your great product, I can only hope more people will try it for themselves and see what a difference it can make in their lives.

Mark K

I had a lot of pain and used to take twenty two capsules a day. Then I heard about Purslane Powder and started taking a quarter teaspoon a day. I noticed the pain got less and less and for the first time in a long time I did two hours of vacuuming and couldn’t believe it, that the product could work so fast. Thanks for the Purslane.


I had migraines three times a week. Have taken up to nine different medications for breathing and pain in my legs so bad I can’t sleep. Two days after taking Purslane, I am down to just three medications. Have seen specialists in the city where I live and they can’t believe it. Haven’t had any cold or flu anymore and cramps in hands have gone down too. My circulation has improved, kidneys have improved and migraines are gone. Purslane is worth its weight in gold.

Larry M

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I went into the doctor after taking Purslane Powder and the doctor could not believe how much I was improving. He told me to keep on taking Purslane Powder. He was going to prescribe anti-inflammatory pills but when he saw how much I was improving he decided not to. I take one capsule a day but increase to two when it rains.

Terry M

I used to have Candida for over 15 years, tried many different kinds of herb and supplements to no avail. I was always tired, irritable, itchy and depressed. I read about Purslane and I was excited to try it. I started with one a day and after two weeks increased to two capsules a day. By the end of the month I was feeling more energy, was less itchy and over all better feeling. I could only say, “Thank God” and couldn’t say enough how much I appreciate the product, Purslane. After all this time I finally got rid of my yeast infection (Candida) and I’m feeling great.

Beth R

The effects of Purslane are very beneficial. We have noticed positive results in lowering blood pressure in our clients.

Roopa Chari, MD - The Chari Center of Health Inc. Del Mar, California

The great normalizer; whatever the body is missing Purslane seems to put back in.

Dr William Kellas, Center for Advanced Medicine, Encinitas, California

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor prescribed medication. We had a heated disagreement because I told him “I would not” take any pills for cholesterol He told me that if I didn’t take them I might have a heart attack. I said I would rather take a natural product with no side effects. He warned me that I’d better come in for another check up within a few months.

I started taking 30 drops of Purslane Tincture every day and the next time I saw my doctor he was very surprised to tell me my blood tests were fine and my cholesterol level was fine and I would not have to take any medications. Thanks to Purslane !

Nettie B

The last few years I have had almost unbearable pain. A doctor found that I have fibromyalgia. I turned on the radio one morning and I heard a lady talking about pure Purslane Powder. I purchased a bottle the following day. Seven days later I thought I was dreaming as I had so little pain.It was hard to believe.

I love bowling but I had to give it up three and a half years ago. Now I am bowling again and doing my own housework. Life has really changed for me, thanks to God for having me turn on the radio that morning to hear about this life changing product.

Luella N