Purslane Capsules

Purslane Capsules


Natural Plantation’s uses the finest quality of Pure Purslane Powder which is lab tested, self-stabilizing and standardized. Each capsule contains 500 mg of pure concentrated Purslane Powder, with NO artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or fillers added. Natural Plantation uses veggie capsules for their capsules of Purslane Powder

Suggested use: One capsule a day in the morning or evening with a meal or snack for 30 days, then increase to two capsules a day if necessary

* Use two hours before or after medication

Note: Do not take any form of Purslane while on Warfarin

It is recommended that you check with your Health Care Provider before introducing new herbs / supplements to your diet

Pure Purslane Powder, Capsules:100% Hypromellose

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